New Years Sale 🎉 | 50% OFF & Free Shipping
New Years Sale 🎉 | 50% OFF & Free Shipping

About Beck


Firstly, hello and thanks for visiting our web store. My name is Beck and I am the owner & CEO of Beck BabyCare.

The most important thing about me and also being my superpower is that I am a parent, just like probably most of you that visit the store, and I strive in making SUPER High Quality products for our loved ones.

For the past couple of years our goal was to perfect the Baby Nail Trimmer, because I know how hard cutting your baby's nails is. And I can proudly say that we created one of the best Baby products on the market (Now Patent Pending - to be only of its kind), along with our Fruit Pacifier (FDA Approved) and our Stroller Bag.

I can promise you one thing, that we are here to make YOURS and YOUR BABIES lives easier and better.

Again I am really thankful for taking your time to read this short story and I wish you great rest of your day

Much Love,

Beck Buckley - Owner & CEO - BeckBabyCare.Com